Winter in the Colorado Rockies is nothing to scoff at. We know that well in Steamboat Springs. At the same time, winter isn't all hardship, it's about getting out and having a blast. Whether the focus be functional (shovelling the deck) or fun (sledding), Steamboat Ace Hardware has a complete selection of products to make winter a smooth sailing affair.

Featured Products
  • Snow shovels, ice chippers, and ice melt (including pet safe)
  • Space heaters
  • Fireplace accesories /tools, firelogs, and wood pellets.
  • Tube/traction sand

  • Reflective driveway markers, bamboo poles.
  • Sleds
  • Winter gloves
  • Snowblowers and snowblower
    sheer pins
  • Wood Pellets

Taming the snow: Keeping the deck and drive liberated from the white stuff in a near constant endeavor in the winter months. We have shovels of every size, variety, and purpose (including roof shovels and rakes). There is ice melt for turning the slick stuff into melt water. Keep the driveway clear with snowblowers (we have sheer pins for nearly all snowblowers). We also have all those items uniquely necessary in snow country, such as bamboo poles for marking the drive, reflectors, and tube sand for the car.

Space heaters: We have space heaters of all varieties, including those powered by propane.

For the fireplace: We've got fire logs, fireplace tool sets, ash cans, gloves, pokers, and log racks.

Fun: Sledding!! Who gets tired of that activity? We have tubes, the venerable and classic Flexible Flyer runner sleds, tubes, saucers, and plastic toboggans of all sizes. For the outdoor set, we also have a range of gloves and outdoor apparel to keep the head, hands, and other extremities toasty.