Plumbing departments are like the dentist's office, you usually aren't there unless you need be, and if you are, it's probably because of an unpleasant emergency. While our plumbing department remains the first place to go when a pipe freezes or that which used to flush no longer does, we also have cool products to enhance your home in an enjoyable, non-crisis fashion.

Clean Air, Clean Water -
Water Filters & Purification
We drink almost a half gallon of water everyday, so why not make it as clean, healthy, and tasty as possible. Our selection of water filters, faucet filter systems, and filtered pitchers is diverse. With brands such as Pur, Brita, Culligan, Instapure, and 3M, we offer a variety of products for removing impurities from your drinking water. We stock the Culligan Filtered Shower head to tackle excessively hard or chlorinated water, as well as the 3M Filtrete Water Station for those wanting to free themselves from bottled water. We carry furnace filters, including 3M Filtrete Ultimate Allergen filters that capture the most offensive of airborne allergens, such as mold spores, dust mite debris, and pollen. 

  • Pur
  • Brita
  • Drano pipe cleaner
  • Waterpik shower heads
  • Instapure
  • Delta
  • Sharkbite fittings
  • PEX fittings
  • 3M
  • Moen


  • Water heaters: electric, natural gas,
    & propane
  • Heat tape and pipe insulation
  • Sump pumps
  • Garbage disposals
  • Massaging showerheads
  • Faucets, sinks, vanities
  • Toilets, toilet valves, seats, flappers
  • PVC & copper pipe and fittings
  • Eco-safe drain clog removers and
    septic tank chemicals
  • Supply lines: sink, toilet, washer, dishwasher
  • Pipe cut to length

Steamboat residents are no stranger to the havoc our weather can wreak on plumbing. A single frozen pipe can cause thousand of dollars of damage and create a serious mess. Prevention is always the best cure. We carry foam and fiberglass pipe insulation to keep those pipes as warm as can be. That approach is not always sufficient, so we also offer electrically heated cable kits and heat tape for warming pipes directly. Should disaster strike, we stock what's needed to get you back on your feet, including sump pumps for contending with flooding.

Ever thought that world of plumbing repair was too daunting for you to take on yourself? Fortunately, innovations in the last few years have made it more easier than ever for homeowners to make their own repairs and avoid costly consultations with the plumber. Sharkbite fittings are an ingenious lineup of plumbing fittings that make repairs and new installations a snap (see how they work).

Rescue Tape is another clever product that achieves that which duct tape could only dream of -- honestly, and truly, fixing plumbing leaks! 

Heating and Cooling: Our plumbing department is also home to everything you might need for your home's furnace, stove, or air conditioning unit. We have:

  • Thermostats by Honeywell
  • Stove pipe and gaskets
  • Dryer vent kits
  • Washer hoses
  • Furnace filters
  • Heat registers
  • Baseboard heaters

More than anything, come visit us if you're in need of advice or give us a ring at 970-879-8014. We've got experts on hand to help you through the dark, murky, but oh-so-important world of plumbing. Check with us before you order online. We can probably get you the product faster and you won't have to pay for shipping.